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Lease Negotiations

Many utility assets are held on leases. These assets include electricity substations, gas governors and water pumping stations. It is not unusual for the leases to have historically commenced on very low rents.  Often, rent reviews have not been invoked and the landowner is unaware that these assets should command a far higher return.

Commercial leases are governed by the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954.  Sherwill Drake Forbes has many year’s experience in dealing with commercial lease renewals in this specialist sector. We have a thorough working knowledge of the legislation and the associated case law relating to commercial lease renewals. This, together with considerable experience of successfully negotiating favourable lease renewals, means that we are very well placed to ensure that you achieve the best possible result for your lease renewal.

For electricity substations, Sherwill Drake Forbes has developed a unique and comprehensive database of comparables. We are aware of over 90% of all substation sites in the UK; this helps us secure the appropriate rent in your region.

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